Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Philip Robinson, John Glenn and Oswald

Philip A. Robinson, of 80 Passaic Ave., Passaic, N.J. wrote to Col. (then Senator) John Glenn on October 26, 1970 saying: “If you recall we met in an elevator in the Lackland A.F.B. Hospital on August 2, 1961 while you were in final checkout for your historical flight and I was in training as a reservist, U.S.A.F…..During our converstation I passed information to you about Lee Harvey Oswald in an attempt to prevent the assassination of your friend President John F. Kennedy. Witout going into details I might inform you that I also discussed the matter with…others from 1961 through 1963. Basically I would deeply appreciate it if you would confirm our conversation, note the name of the gentleman with whom we rode, and if possible tell me what happened with any inquiries put to you as to our conversation, if any, for historical purposes.” 

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