Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Coup at Dealey Plaza

                                                            Coup at Dealey Plaza 

Dr. Cyril Wecht, chairman of Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA), has branded the assassination of President Kennedy as a coup d’état - the violent seizure of the powers of government. 

If so then instead of being the act of a deranged loner it was a deep level political conspiracy, an inside job involving all of the security agencies.

If so then the Modus Operandi - MO was that of a covert intelligence operation designed to shield and protect its actual sponsors.

Against that concealment, the suspects are limited to those who seized power, they utilized known and recognizable techniques, and left a paper trail, even though they have tried to conceal it.
The very concealment, destruction of evidence, withholding of records and acts of deception are clues that lead directly to the perpetrators. 

History shows that they used the covert operational techniques before 11/22/63 and continue to do so.
The intelligence network responsible for the Dealey Plaza operation continuess to function today, though manned by different people, they still hold the reins of power.

Once I recognized these facts I came to the regrettable conclusion that the assassination can only be solved by a counter-intelligence operation conducted by an intelligence network that is more powerful and coordinated than the one who killed the president and got away with it.

If a coup and not just a conspiracy, then all of the intelligence agencies of government were compromised, and as with the assassination of the North Korean in Malaysia, the murder of the president at Dealey Plaza set the clear and distinct message that even the president of the United State can be murdered on the street in public without retribution

If a coup and not the act of rogue agents or mafia goons, then all of the official investigations were penetrated, infiltrated, compromised and neutralized, including the FBI, Warren Commission, HSCA and ARRB.

If a coup by a powerful intelligence network then that network still functions today, and will take "active measures," in their words, against anyone or any opposition network that threatens to expose it. 

And they will do it as they dealt with WC, HSCA and ARRB by penetrating, compromising and neutralizing it.

As WC attorney Sam Stern explained it to the HSCA attorney, “at the outset we realized that there was no possible way to penetrate any official involvement in a cover-up or conspiracy if there was such complicity.” Stern stated that he and several of his Commission colleagues discussed what they regarded as “the fact that the agencies – the FBI and CIA – could formulate and maintain a cover-up which no one would ever penetrate. We of course did not believe that was so. And I still don’t. But we realized what we were dealing with, in the power of these agencies. Fortunately, we believed they were on our side.”

If that is the case then any attempt to identify and them by a responsible CI - counter-intelligence investigation will be met by their anticipated response of penetration, compromise and neutralize.
There are two basic types of investigations - Criminal and CI - Counter-intelligence, both having different intentions and purpose.

The purpose of a Criminal investigation by the police, crime scene investigators and official detectives is to identify and secure evidence in a crime that can be introduced in a court of law. 
Such evidence can be used to get a grand jury to indict a suspect in a crime and bring them to trial.
On the other hand the purpose of a CI - Counter-Intelligence investigation is to determine the truth or the true facts of a person, group, situation or event.

In regards to the Kennedy assassination the Dallas police, FBI,   New Orleans District Attorney and the first chairman of the HSCA conducted Criminal investigations, while the Warren Commission, the USMC, ONI, French Intelligence service, the Hunt Oil company and the HSCA under its second chairman conducted Counter-Intelligence investigations of the assassination. 

While the Criminal investigation intends to go to court, the CI investigation avoids court, keeps its information to itself, and sometimes uses extra legal means to obtain its information, including unauthorized wire taps, breaking and entering (black bag job), paid informants, blackmail, entrapment and even torture. 

There are some basic procedures used by all investigators, such as creating a chronology of key events, a name file of persons, subjects and a map of locations of addresses and events. Traditionally the name and subject files are kept on index cards, like the old library book filing system, and that is what the FBI and CIA used at their headquarters and field offices, though computers and the internet have made the digital system much more effective.

Among the legal techniques used by CI investigators is the compilation of all open source information on targeted individuals and subjects, much like the ABLE DANGER CI investigation identified the 9/11 terrorist cell before 9/11, and similar computerized matrix models based on all intelligence gathered. Such a system, applied to the Kennedy Assassination, should be easier to identify the intelligence networks involved.

Intelligence networks utilize compartmented cells, so if one part of the network is exposed the rest of it can still function and be kept intact. The mafia calls such cells “crews,” and each cell-crew is run by a case officer and from among each cell a team leader, much like the JMWAVE commando teams operated.

The Covert Operational policies, practices and procedures are utilized, and require compartmentation, a code name for the operation and each participant, and total control over the participants and the site of the operation, in this case Dealey Plaza, the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD), the Grassy Knoll and the motorcade itself. 

If what happened at Dealey Plaza was a coup then it utilized standard coup techniques - as outlined by Edward Lutwak in "Coup d etat - A Practical Handbook," and their policies, procedures and even deceptions provide us clues that lead us to them if you just connect the dots in the network grid. 

MTC - More to Come 

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