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Dulles Dines w/ Hitler Plotter July 20, 1954

From the CIA Electronic Reading Room
Approved for releaes 2000/08/03

Note: This is an open source publicly available newspaper article that was classified Secret until 2000. We can expect that some of the still secret records on the assassination of President Kennedy that are slated for release under the JFK Act on October 26, 2017 will be of a similar source, and would have been available to anyone from the public open source before it was released under the JFK Act.

Washington Star - July 21, 1954

Key Man in Plot to Kill Hitler
Dines Here With Allen Dulles

By Associated Press

Two men whose countries were at war against each other ten years ago met here last night to relive in memory the roles they played in the attempt to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944.

They were Allen Dulles, chief of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Dr. Hans Bernd Gisevius, one of the few German conspiractors who escaped death when the plot failed.

He escaped because of Mr. Dulles' aid.

Mr. Dulles invited Dr. Gisevus to dinner for "a sort of anniversary party" recalling one of the most amazing inrigues of World War II.

The story began when Mr. Dulles went to Switzerland in late 1942 to organize an American espionage center.

In Berne he met Dr. Gisevius, who then was German Vice Counsul and actually a member of the Nazi intelligence organization, the Abwehr.

Dr. Gisevius was anti-Nazi and convinced as were many of his countrymen, that Hitler was leading the nation to destruction. He put Mr. Dulles in touch with the anti-Nazi underground and the two men secretly worked together to encourage the plots that finally was climaxed by the attempt on Hiter's life.

Through Mr. Gisevius, Mr. Dulles was able to keep his government advised of the German underground which reached high into the German military.

Hitler survived the bomb that exploded in his secret headquarters in East Prussia and ordered a blood purge of the conspirators.

Dr. Gisevius, then in Germany, hid from Hitler's agents  until Mr. Dulles managed to smuggle forged identification papers to him.

Then, as "Dr. Hoffman," Dr. Gisevius eluded the Gestapo and made his way to Switzerand and safety.

Dr. Gisevius now lives in [Dallas, Texas].

Note: It is believed that the lunch took place at the Alibi Club, where Dulles was a member and was known to dine frequently.

There are reports that after leaving Washington D.C. and moving to Dallas Gisevious worked at Dresser Industries, a very distinct possibility given the tight relationship Allen Dulles had with H. N. Mallon, as this letter from the D.C.I. Pers. files indictes.

26 October 1953

Mr. H. N. Mallon, President
Dresser Industries, Inc.
Atlantic Building
Dallas, Texas

Dear Neil:

We had an excellent return trip to Washington arriving promptly on schedule. It was a pleasant ending of a delightful week end.

Clover and enjoyed every minute of our stay in Dallas, at the King Ranch and in the air, and I want to thank you and your sister for all the hospitality extended.

Sincerely yours,

Allen W. Dulles

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