Sunday, November 19, 2017

Coup d'etat at Dealey Plaza

Coup d'etat at Dealey Plaza

They say there's no "smoking gun" documents among ths still secret government records on the assassinatoin of President Kennedy, though a number of smoking documents have been released under the JFK Act - the Higgins Memo for one.

In the seaach for a reasonable scenario to explain everything that happened on November 22, 1963, the deranged lone nut case can be dismissied since it can't explain how one man Lee Harvey Oswald was capable of committing the act alone, and the evidence and witness testimony confirm that Oswald was not on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting.

The original Phase One Covver Story - that Castro Cuban Communists were behind the Dealey Plaza operation is also dismissed, based on the evidence, witnesses reports and the National Security Agency (NSA) intercept of Cuban and Soviet communications.

That this psychological warfare operation - a black propaganda operation is still in effect indicates that the intelligence network responsible for the Dealey Plaza operation is still finctioning, as exhibited by the works of Brien Letell, Robert Baer and Phil Shenon.

Other scenarios have been suggested - that the assassination was a plot by renegade CIA officers and the Mafia, which is still proposed by some - ie. G. Robert Blakey, Gary Cornwell, et al., though that too has its problems.

Michael Paine's mother - Ruth Forbes Paine Young was involved in extablishing a special training unit at the United Nations that placed young diplomats in various scenariois they could face in real life, and the US military trains its soldiers in field sccenarios to see how they will act and train them to do it correctly, or at least do it the way the generals want them to do it.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Attorney General Robert Kennedy asked Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to come up with a solution that wouldn't lead to invasion or war, and McNamara said that when they ran military scanarios of Soviet missles in Cuba months earlier, the solultion that worked was summarized in one word: Blocade. Which worked, much to the dismay of the military brass who pushed for invasion.

As I occassioinally help train soldiers, I know for a fact that they still use a Sand Table to plan missions. I watched an Op Force - Opposition Force team lean over an elevated Sand Table box with their team leader drawing a curve in the road and pointing to the apex as the place to attack as convoy slowed down. I'm sure those who planned out the Dealey Plaza opertion used even more complex models, practices and "dry runs" and controlled the situation completely, timed it to the second, as they only had a one hour window of opportunity.

There have been various phrases, matrix models and games used to try to explain what happened at Dealey Plaza - "a mystery wrapped in an enigma," saying its like "going into the Rabbit's Hole," ala Alice and "Through the Looking Glass," (Shenon), or a "Wilderness of Mirrors" (Angleton), whose criptic - "A house has many rooms. I am not privy to who shot John,” still rings cryptically.

The French Intelligence chief said it was "like a magic trick, complete with smoke, mirrors and disaperaing sets," while the former Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) US Army, and NSA, said it was "Like the movie the Sting.”
A Big Con job.

The Chess model is also popular, as some of the primary suspects called themselves "Bishop" (David Phillips) and "Knight" (E. Howard Hunt), and it is a peculiar anaomaly that a simple pawn like Oswald could take out a King, not only get him in checkmate so he can't make a move, but actually getting close enough to kill the King, blindsiding him. That's another good reason Oswald didn't commit the deed alone.

The anomally grows when considering the fact that if the president was killed by a deranged lone nut case, then the assassin would be posthumously subjected to deep psychological analysis - and that he would be classified as a paranoid skodso, or whatever, but he's not. Oswald was not crazy, even though the Secret Service study of assassins and attackers put him in that category.

When I read that report I looked for a unique category and when they didn't inlude it, being from New Jersey where we have developed criminal profiling into an art, I made one up - the Covert Operational Personality Profile (COPP), that is characterized by military training (usually USMC), fluency in foreign language, ability to travel,. and training and use of covert intelligence crafts and techniaues - including codes, ciphers and operational procedures.

While Oswald creates the mold for this matrix, it also includes some other well known COPP operatives - Jerry Patrick Hemming, Frank Sturgis, the Watergate burglers, Felix Rodregiez, the Oklahoma City bombers, as examples of the pawns in what they call "The Great Game" of covert intelligence opertions.

Without having really looked yet, most say there is no "smoking gun" in the still secret JFK assassination files, yet, if the assassintion at Dealey Plaza was not the work of a deranged loner, but was in fact a well planned and sucessfully executed coup detat, the evidence MUST be in the government filies - you just have to know where to look.

For starters, if it was a coup, an inside job - then they had to it by the book - the handbook - Edward Lutwack's "Coup d'etat - A Practical Handbook," (X), that explains exactly how to do it.

One of the key elements of any successful coup, according to Lutwack, is control of the communications - and if you look closely at who was controlling the communications into and out of Dealey Plaza and Air Force One you get a good idea who was running things.

In addition, a study of previous, simlair assassinations and coups would be a necessity, especially those involving the same MO - Modus Operandi - that of a sniper shooting a high priority target (HPT) moving in an open vehicle as the Nazi general was during World War II, the 1962 attack on President deGaul in France, and the CIA plans to attack Castro when he rode by in an open jeep.

Of course if they practiced covert operational techniques, then they would not have anything written down, operated on a need to know basis, and utilzed lines of authority that included "cut-outs" and case officers.

If it was a coup, as I suspect, then the evidence is in government files, and they won't be caughing it up despite the JFK Act ordered them to.

But the evidence is there, I know it.


  1. Bill, I assume there room in a coup scenario for the participants to include the likes of HL Hunt & his allies in the ultra-right? I say this because the coup would be made by ultra-right forces in the military. I would include the likes of Dulles, Angleton et al as ultra-rigtists.

  2. American intelligence agencies have one thing in common with the Nazis they incorporated into their ranks, they keep meticulous files on everything. Yes, I agree with you, the information is there in these files and that's why we can't see them. I liked your interview with Len Osanic, we need to pursue this legally. They're in standing violation of the law with the denial of the release and we must push it through the courts no matter how long it takes. Perhaps we should demand a panel of six researchers (like Dr. Newman and yourself) who with the proper clearance, could review the files independently or something to that effect.