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As my friends and associates well know, I have been studying the assassination of President Kennedy for many years, and while the most frequnetly asked question I get from those who know this is "Who killed JFK?," I still can't answer that question.

While I am certain that the accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was not the killer, and I don't know the identieis of those responsible for what happened at Dealey Plaza, yet, I have, in the words of the great Hollywood detective Lieutenant Peter Faulk Columbo, - "I don't know who committed the murder, but I figured out how they did it."

I got the MO down - the Modus Operandi - was that of a covert intelligence operation - and once you view whatever you believe happened at Dealey Plaza was such an operation, it doesn't matter what Oswald's role was = lone gunman, patsy or co-conspirator.

Joshia Thompson, a first generation JFK researcher and long time San Francisco private detective in the Sam Spade tradition, and author of "Six Seconds in Dallas" and "Gumshoe," once said that every case he worked on always had a point where a piece of evidence fit the bill and made the case come unraveled and led to its resolution, - except the Kennedy assassination.

Well, I think that point is being reached, not only by me, but by other researchers and writers whose work is coming together, and the pices of the puzzle are falling into place so we have a good picture of what really happened at Dealey Plaza.

I was very disenchanted when I first realized that the crime was not only a comp[ex conspiracy but an even more unfathomable covert intelligence operation designed to deceive, because I knew it would take an even more powerful counter-intelligence operation to determine the truth and seek some sembalance of justice.

I knew the network responsible for getting away with the murder of a president was much more ponwerful than me or any group I could put together, so I considered the resolution of this crime an unatainable mission.

Now however, decades later, I can see it happening - the vision before reality.

The resolution of the assassination of President Kennedy - to a legal and moral certainty, is now attainable for three reasons - 1) the Power of the Internet gives us a network of our own and makes all knowable knowledge available to us: 2) The JFK Act of 1992 - as it is still in force, legaly gives us access to all of the necessary recods and evidence in the case; 3) the commitment and perserverence of a small number of very knowledgeable and dedicated independent researchers who are working on this case. Those three things together weild the power to overcome the intelligence network responsible for the Dealey Plaza operation.

We have the internet network, we have the JFK Act law behind us and we have a dedicated group of individuals who, if they work as a team, can identify, expose and take down the network that was resonsible for what happened at Dealey Plaza that day.

As I have learned there two types of investigations - criminal investigations - the kind the police and FBI routinely conduct, looks for witnesses and evidence that can be introduced into a court of law in a criminal case, while an intelligence or counter-intelligence (CI) investigation need not abide by the laws of the court or what can and cannot be introduced as evidence, and can do whatever it can to determine the truth.

In most CI cases there is no trail - becuase top secret means and methods have been used to catch the culpret, and that includes B&E or "black bag" jobs - breaking and entering opertons ala Watergate, something the FBI does all the time.

Just as Bill Simp;ich recognized that what happened at Dealey Plaza was a covert intelligence operation, and we must look at it as siuch, regardless of the role of the accused assassin, Russ Baker says that his group of Baker Street Irregulars are conducting a Counter-Intelligence operaion, and that's how we must perceive the unraveling of the truth of what happened in Dallas that day.

They - the Opposition, conduct such CI operations all the time, sometimes against us.

The Dealey Plaza Clean-up crew reveal themselves sometimes - as they had infilrated and compromized every major investigation criminal or otherwise, into their operations, including the Dallas Police Department (via ACSI consolidaiton of Special Services), Secret Service, the FBI, the Dallas Grand Jury, the New Orleans Grand Jury, and the New Orleans District Attorney's office (recently released records show that one of the infiltrators agent-provokateurs was sent to Canada in the Witness Protection Program).

The New Orleans Grand Jury foreman was an informant, and while I don't know of the Church Committee investigation, I'm sure if you look at their internal office records you will find some suspicious persons, but the clincher is the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) where former CIA officer George Joannides was called on to handle and compromise that investigation, and did so admirably.

So in a sense, as we consolidate our research and knowledge of the case, and prepare legal maneuvers, we won't have to go to them, eventually they will come to us.

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