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Part One - The Divine Skein at Dealey Plaza

Part One - The Divine Skein at Dealey Plaza

Former CIA director Allen Dulles brought a book with him to the first meeting of the Warren Commission.

"American Assassins" by Robert Donovan, portrayed most American political assassins as deranged lone nuts, as oppposed to the more rational and ideological European assassins.

Donovan had previously wrote "PT 109," about President Kennedy's World War II exploits in the South Pacific that was made into a major motion picture, and his book on American assassins was popular at the time.

But Warren Commissioner John McCloy took exception to Dulles' suggestion that American assassins were all lone nut cases, pointing out the fact that Lincoln was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy, and a number of people were hung for their roles.

If Dulles was more interested in the truth rather than promoting the false suggestion that JFK was a vicim of a deranged lone nut case, he would have passed around copies of his own then recently published book - "The Crafts of Intelligene," reportedly ghost written by Watergate burgler E. Howard Hunt.

In his own book, Dulles describes the means and methods used by intelligence networks, crafts that have been used for thousands of years, and as he explains, were described in one of the oldest books known to man - Sun Tzu's "The Art of War."

In a chapter of "The Art of War" Sun Tzu describes the roles of spys and secret agents, detailing the five types of agents - inside, native, living, double and expendalbe, each with a different role in the "skein," or net, network.

According to Sun Tzu, when all five types of agents are working in tantum together, they are "the treasure of the soverign," and known as "The Divine Skein," - the Divine Net, as what they acomplish appears to be divine intervention and an act of God.

Before JFK was killed a phamplet was distributed in the Cuban community of Florida that said that an "Act of God" would put a Texan in the White House, a Texan who was friends of the Cuban people.

And Max Holland, in his book "The Assassination Tapes," quotes LBJ as saying that the assassination of JFK was "divine," implying it was an act of God, and he was, as he was called - the "accidental" president.

The head of French Intelligence once said that the assassination of President Kennedy was like a magic trick, complete with smoke and mirrors, while the former head of the Natoinal Security Agency and Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) of the US Army, said that the best covert operators are like the movie "The Sting."

But the assassination of President Kennedy at Dealey Plaza was not an accident, not the act of a deranged loner nor a magic trick or an act of God, but rather was a very distinct and succesfully executed covert intelligence operation.

The idea of the intelligence network and the means and mechanisms of covert intelligence operations are now well known, though they weren't in 1963.

In fact such intelligence networks and covert operations are patterned on the Big Con = confidence games of the early 20th century as portrayed in the movie "The Sting.”

As Joseph Smith details in his book - “Portrait of a Cold Warrior,” part of his training as a CIA agent included taking classes with Professor Paul Linebarger at the Center for International Studies at Johns  Hopkins University. The classes on covert operational methods and techniques were taught at Linebarger’s home in Washington D.C.

Smith relates how Linebarger not only used his own classic text book “Psychological Warfare,” that delineates various levels of propaganda from white to black, but also had his students read David Maurer’s book “The Big Con,” also published as “The American Confidence Man,” that gave good insight into how case officers could run operatives and conduct successful covert operations.

David Maurer’s book, originally a linguistic text on the unique lingo of thieves, con artists and confidence men details the inner workings of the Big Con, and was the basis of the script for the movie “The Sting,” as referenced by the ACSI general.

Just as linguist David Maurer learned the secrets of the Big Con through the study of the lingo of the con artists, we can only learn the means and methods of the covert operators by learning the terminology they use in crafting their covert operations - the Lingo of Dealey Plaza.

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