Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Beymer in CIA Chronology

CIA Chronology

7. 2 Dec. 63. 1030
                                Incomplete Check LIENVOY file.

8. 2 Dec. Incomplete. First page missing

9. 2 Dec.    1003 Check. Not in OSWALD file.
Check Richard BEYMER

Richard BEYMER,, North American, calls Cub Emb from Acapulco and talks with Luisa CALDERON LIENVOY and asks about Silvia DURAN. Luisa says Silvia should be at her house right now. Richard asks if Silvia is hurt. Louisa says no, that she has only bruises probably because they grabbed her arm very tight but that it is not serious. She (Louisa) adds that she cannot explain by telephone and asks when Richard will be coming to Mexico City. Richard says "This depends on you people....Anything (new) known about Cuba?" Luisa, after consulting with someone, responds that there is not an answer yet, but that today a plane will be coming in from Cuba and possibly something will arrive by diplomatic pouch, and for Richard to call again tomorrow. Richard asks if Silvia still works at the Emb. Luisa responds certainly she does. Richard will call tomorrow.

BK NOTES: Beymer told me that he didn't recall Silvia Duran or the twist party she held, that was atteneded by two American gringos, one an American film actor whose name she protected because he was still alive. Of course the question is - how did Beymer in Acapulco know Duran was arrested, interrogated and hurt?

Thanks to Robin Finn for finding this reference in the records.

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