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If It Was A Coup

If It Was A Coup

If it was a coup and the assassination of President Kennedy at Dealey Plaza was not the spontaneous and coincidental act of a deranged lone nut case - what Max Holland calls "the Best Truth" at the time, then the mechanism - the MO - Modus Operandi was that of a covert intelligence operation.

If the death of the president was the result of a covert intelligence operation and coup d'etat, then standard covert intelligence operational techniques were employed,which means those in the responsible intelligence network had to have complete and total control of communications and the scene of the operation - Dealey Plaza and especially the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD), as described by Edward Lutwack in his book "Coup d'etat - A Practical Handbood."

Instead of following "Ozzie Rabbit" - the accused assassin, who was framed for the crime, lets pull back and look at the broader picture, and see who had the capability of pulling off such a covert intelligence operation, who had such control over communications and the scene.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Bryd, Mr. Collins and Generals Doolittle and LeMay, who while not co-conspirators, were instrumental in the orchestration of the strategies and policies that allowed the covert operation at Dealey Plaza to happen. Without them, the assassintion could not have occured.

D. H. "Dry Hole" Byrd made his money in the early Texas oil industry, and invested his fortune in early aviation and financial support to the artic expedintions of his cousin, U.S. Navy Admiral Byrd.

And he purchased the building that would become known as the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) in the 1930s, adding four floors and leasing the warehouse to various companies over the years.

On one of Admiral Byrd's early expeditions he tried to communicate by short wave radio, but the only radio receiver in North America that he  could pick up Byrd's radio transmissions was a young amateur radio enthuisast in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - a teenager named Arthur Young.

Collins went on from his parent's basement to form Collins Radio corporation, whose stock rose during World War II when Collins received military contracts, possibly because of his close, personal friendship with Air Force General Curtis LeMay, himself a HAM amateur radio buff.

It was Byrd's interest in early aviation that led him to form the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) with Cord Meyer, Sr., the father of CIA official Cord Meyer, Jr., and ex-husband of Mary Pinchot Meyer.

At the time of the assassination Byrd was on a hunting safari in Africa with German Barron W. Von Alverslaben, but previously he went on a safari with his good friend General James Doolittle, who was so close to Byrd he is mentioned in Byrd's obituary.

The 78 page Doolittle Report reomends increased secuirty and use of covert operations, especially the deployment of undercover operatives, even if they are not needed.

Another, similar report by Robert Lovitt and David Bruce, has gone totally missing from the Kennedy Library in Boston, and I've yet to locate the strategic report that the inventor of the Bell Helicopter Arthur Young told me about that joint decisions by  defense contractors to relocate to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for security reasons.

That's why Collins Radio, General Dynamics, Bell Helicopter and other major defense contractors were in the area, and provided jobs for Michael Paine, and others to relocate there.

The sudden arrival of multiple defense contractors was a financial boon to the area, but they found a decisive lack of local engineering talent, so they formed an engineering graduate school consortium that trained and funelled the necessary talent to the defense industry there. Arthur Collins was named the first director of the new

After Texas Christian University at first agreed to give President Kennedy an honorarry degree, thus giving him the excuse to give a speech in Dallas, then reniged on the offer, a Texas civic association agreed to allow JFK to give a speech to their annual meeting that was already set to honor the graduate school consortium, led by Arthur Young, that JFK mentions in the first paragraph of his undelivered speech, the original copy of which was kept in his jacket pocket and drennched in his blood.

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