Wednesday, December 27, 2017

John Caesar Grossi

New Records on John Caesar Grossi

Any proper investigation of the assassination of the president would inclue everyone who associated with the accused assassin, especially John C. Grossi.

As a prolific reader the investigation took special interest in the books Lee Harvey Oswald checked out of the Dallas and New Orleans libraries.

One peculair aspect of Oswald's Dallas library card is the inclusion of the name John Bowen, ostensibly as a reference. Bowen was an alias of John C. Grossi, who worked with Oswald at the Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval graphics arts firm.

It is curious Grossi used the same alias as Osborne - the guy who sat next to Oswald on bus to Mexico.

Grassi was a Patterson, New Jersey dropout and runaway, the son of an Army soldier who abandoned his family. On the road Grossi was arrested in New Orleans for wearing the uniform and impersonating a US Maritime Petty Officer

He was also somehow affiliated with Joe Bonnano, the New York mafia boss, or possibly his son, the subject of a book by New York Times reporter Gay Talese.

It has also been reported that Grossi lived for awhile at Pete Lacavoli's Grace Ranch in Arizona, and worked at Lacavoli's art studio and store, where he crossed paths with Lansky accountant and self professed con artist Chauncey Holt, who claims to have taught art to Lacavoli when they were in prison together. While I can't support Holt's claim to be one of the tramps at Dealey Plaza, I did visit his home and art studio and can attest to his artistic talent.

According to the recently released FBI files on Grossi, he was married, but took off on a cross country trip with his wife's car and credit card.

What's peculiar about the FBI files on Grossi is there is no mention, at least in the documents I examined, of his name on Oswald's library card or the fact they worked together at JCS, much like the new FBI files on Jim Braden document his swindling of rich windows in the 1950s but fail to mention his being taken into custody at Dealey Plaza as a suspicious person.

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