Tuesday, February 12, 2013

John Pic USMC

The Mary Ferrell Files Data Base includes the note: SULLIVAN, ARTHUR C.

Sources: CD 7, p. 150 Mary's Comments: Research Analyst in Charge, Naval Intelligence, 1114 Commerce, Rm. 204, Dallas, TX  

Commission Document 7 – FBI Gemberling Report of 10 Dec 1963 re: Oswald.

Current Section: D. Background – Relatives

Date 11/26/63 


Special Agent A. C. SULLIVAN, Office of Naval Intelligence, advised EDWARD JOHN PIC, half-brother of LEE HARVEY OSWALD, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, however, he did not actually serve on active duty. He subsequently served two tours in the U.S. Coast Guard, dates not available. PIC enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1956, and gave his address % M. OSWALD, 3006 Bristol Road (not sure of original spelling), Ft. Worth, Texas. He listed his wife as MARGARET DOROTHY FUHRMAN, 104 Ave. C., East Meadow, New York, New York (apparently her current address). Captain ROBERT JACKSON, Deputy Director, Naval Intelligence, Washington, D.C., advised Mr. SULLIVAN that this information was furnished FBI, Washington D.C. on November 23, 1963

11/24/63 Dallas, Texas File # DL 89-43
by Special Agent ROBERT P. GEMBERLING 

Gemberling, Robert P. CD Doc. #7 p. 150 

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