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Castro to Kill Reagan like he did JFK - March 1981

 Castro to Kill Reagan lilke he did JFK - The Cover-Story Continues

By Bill Kelly 

Using Psychwar Techniques to Detect Black Propaganda Operations affiliated with Covert Ops

Until relatively recently the earth was the only known planet capable of supporting life, but then scientists detected a means of discovering such planets circling Suns in other solar systems by observing the blinking shadow created as the planet passes through the light of the sun  and voila! - now such planets are  routinely discovered.

Just as astronomers figured out a way to find other planets in the galaxy, I think it's possible to detect and positively identify covert intelligence operations at work even though they are designed to be deceptive and conceal their true sponsors.

We can do this by recognizing and following the deception and cover-story or in the case of Dealy Plaza - the cover stories that continue today to falsely blame the assassination on Castro Cuban Communists.

While those who killed JFK are all probably dead, the intelligence they were affiliated with continues to function and the Castro Cuban Commie cover-story for the Dealey Plaza hit is still being used as an off-the-shelf ready-to-go program that is used whenever such a distraction or deception is needed.

John Hinkley for instance, is now asking the  court to let him go home, the mental illness that led him to shoot President Reagan cured - but was the attack a planned covert intelligence operation?

I don't know, but I submit the evidence that the March 30, 1981 attack at the D.C Hilton was preceded by 18 days by a March 12 Scrips-Howard News Service (SHNS) report "leaked" by the NSA that Castro would try to kill Reagan "like he killed Kennedy."

While this report may be relevant to the Hinkley attack on Reagan it is even more significant in regards to the very detailed and elaborate black propaganda campaign to blame Castro for what happened at Dealey Plaza.

When I first read this news report - "Castro to Kill Reagan" - the front page headline in the Philadelphia Daily News tabloid, I immediately recognized it as a black propaganda operation very similar to the one launched just before JFK was killed.

David Atlee Phillips tells the joke about "Grandmother on the Roof," where an immigrant to America receives a letter from home telling him that his beloved cat died after falling from a roof, that led to the request not to hear all of such bad news at one time and to break it up, saying first that the cat went up on the roof and later that it fell of and then it would be easier to accept the fact that it died. The next letter simply read: "Grandmother's on the roof."

Phillips said that "Grandmother's on the roof" became a sort of inside joke to the intelligence analysits who could see a very important item in a barrage of daily news reports and recognize that it was going to lead to something big. 

When I read that headline: "Castro Orders Reagan Assassination" i immediately thought: "Grandmother's on the roof," but didn't think much more of it until 18 days later when on March 30th John Hinkley stepped out of the woodwork and shot Reagan while his brother was meeting the Vice President's son in the White House and Gen. Haig tried to subvert the chain of command by taking over the Situation Room and saying he was in control.

I also co-wrote, with John Judge - an article: Hinkley & Co.

Scripps-Howard News Service – By R. H. Boyce.
Thursday, March 12, 1981

Washington – The National Security Agency has alerted the CIA, the White House and State Department to a Latin American newspaper report saying Cuban President Fidel Castro is plotting the assassination of President Reagan, Scripps-Howard News Service has learned.

The NSA, which monitors published and broadcast information around the globe, does not makes such “alert” messages available to the press. But SHNS obtained a copy, which was marked “for official use only.” It included the text of the newspaper report as well as a garbled message about the news story directed to the head of Castro’s controlled news agency, Presna Latina.

Without revealing its sources, the news report, published yesterday in the Caracas, Venezuela, newspaper El Mundo, asserted the assassination plot called for the slaying to be carried out by Illich Ramirez Sancho, an international terrorists known as Carlos the Jackal. Carlos is said to have organized the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany, and has been involved in dozens of terrorists acts.

U.S. officials said the NSA’s action in alerting the U.S. intelligence community “suggests that while they are not necessarily ready to believe the report of an assassination plot, nevertheless they (NSA) find it at least worthy of looking into.”

The Caracas newspaper story said the assassination plan, “was discussed in a meeting of the International Trust of Crime in Cojimar, an exclusive beach club east of Havana, with the participants of Montonero and Tupamaro thugs, Illich Ramirez, Ramiro Valdez, Cuban Police Minister Carlos Rafael Rodriguez and Fidel Castro.”

Presna Latina (Latin Press) often has been used by Castro for political ends. The Pressa Latina correspondent in Caracas, at 9:47 a.m. EST yesterday, began transmitting the El Mundo article by cable to Prensa Latina headquarters in Havana. NSA monitored it. At the close of the text, Prensa Latina Caracas began adding what appears to be commentary on the El Mundo report. It reads:

“Everything seems to indicate that Fidel Castro is planning the assassination of U.S. President Ronald Reagan in the same way that he previously ordered the assassination of John F. Kennedy and whose participation the high-ranking U.S. government circles hid…”

There the Prensa Latina cable transmission stopped. Had it been ordered broken off by the Venezuela government, say U.S. officials, NSA would have added the words: “transmission interrupted,” to show Venezuela’s action. There was no such NSA notation. Officials provided no explanation of why the transmission ended in mid-sentence.


Notice the similarity with the 1976 report from Frank Sturgis – including the name Ramiro Valdez  -
In 1976 Gaeton Fonzi interviewed Sturgis who then said he was reminded of a meeting in Havana two months before the assassination that included Raul Castro, Ramiro Valdez, chief of Cuban Intelligence, Che Guevara and his secretary Tanya, another Cuban officer, an American they called “El Mexicano,” and oh, yea, Jack Ruby.”

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