Sunday, August 6, 2017

CAPA Research


At the request of CAPA Chairman Dr. Cyril Wecht, the CAPA Research Committee is undertaking a comprehensive survey of the record recently released (July 24, 2017) in accordance with the JFK Act.

Towards that end we have started to divide this particular batch into categories beginning with what they gave us -  some previously released with redactions and some with held in full, and the zip files as they were originaly released.

Rather than the NARA web site however, we will use the Black Vault version to work from as it is much easier, and for comparison purposes with the previously released redacted version we will use MaryFerrll if available.

Besides the basic breakdown that NARA gave us, we will get a breakdown of originating agency based on RIF numbers, (CIA, FBI, Church, HSCA, etc., and chronologically by date, as well as by name and subject matter - beginning with Nosenko, MLK, Sturgis, Duran, Cubella, Veciana, Rosselli and Oswald, and Alpha 66, ACSI, DRE, NSA, JMWAVE, Mexico City, etc.

We have requested CAPA Adviisory Board and Research Committee members to divide the topics among themselves to areas of interest, and summarize each record that's reviewed.

If you want to review and summarize a category or topic, please contact me and tell me what area you are reviewing and hook you up with others who are working in the same areas.

Ramon, who reformatted the original NANA spreadsheet of still withheld records is looking into this, and immediately noticed that there were 20 documents released in the first batch on July 24, but after it crashed, and they were reformated to double the zip boxes, were no longer listed among the second batch released the next day purporting to be the same records released the day before.

As Jefferson Morley has noted, there were 12 documents listed among the CIA records to be released, that were not released, including those on Tony Cusesta - and the NARA reported to him that the CIA has released the records but they hadn't yet been physically transported over to the NARA.

The 20 records missing from the second batch might be these records and others like them.

We soon should  have a breakdown on how many records have been released, what percentage came from each agency, as well as a chronology file on the date of the record's creation, and a subject listing and name file of those mentioned in the records.

A Master Index if  you will. Any assistance on this project would be greatly appreciated.

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