Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Top Ten Records - Part 2

Kelly’s Top Ten New Released Records – 2
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11 -   CIA Report on early November 1973 CTIA Conference proceedings. 104-10433-10165 – The Committee To Investigate Assassinations (CTKA) was set up in DC by Bernard Festerwald and became Assassinations Archives and Research Center (AARC)

22 -   Accidental release of two CIA agents names in IG Report. 104-10331-10027 – As John Newman has pointed out, simple slip ups like this have led to the identity of a number of Crypts.

33 -   Creation of CIA Segregated Section of Records Requested by Congressional Committees. 104-10331-10014 -

44 -   Interagency Source Register (ISR) – 104-10330-10125 – “The ISR is simply a device whereby agencies within the intelligence community which recruit or deal with sources of foreign intelligence outside the United States try to keep from bumping into each other in the pursuit of such information.” This ISR should have DeMohrenschilt, June Cobb and Veciana on tap.
Formerly_released_in_part/DOCID-32404110.PDF  - 

55 -   AMLASH-1 Cover Letter to be sent to Cavaliere’ Hilton Jewelry Shop, Rome. 104-10183-10215 – Note – it is apparent from Col. Brandy that Hilton Hotels worked closely with CIA and more closely with ACSI – Army Intelligence. 

77 -   Manuel Ray (Chief Engineer at Havana Hilton) and JURE (Odio affiliated with) have 1964 training camp in Puerto Rico, large boat and shipment of arms. 104-10179-10214 -

88 -   LICOOKY1 (June Cobb) Strangely and Inexplicably reluctant advice of urgent need two hundred dollars to get pamphlet published. 104-10175-10343 – Note: June Cobb translated the Spanish pamphlet “The Shark and the Sardines” by former Guatemalan president Juan Jose Arevalo, that Oswald read. She served as Castro’s secretary when he first arrived in Havana and stayed at the Havana Hilton at the invitation of Colonel Frank M. “Brandy” Brandstetter, the Havana Hilton manager, who reported to US Army Intelligence ACSI.

99 -   LICOOKY1 Cover Blow. 104-10174-10026- June Cobb “gets money from Uncle Sam, a doubleagent” -

110-Ted Shackley JMWAVE progress report – Feb. 1963 – Re: AMDENIM/1 – (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria (aka Echevarria), Cuban exile whose boat Tejana was used in anti-Castro activities. Leader of the paramilitary wing of Unidad Revolucionario (UR) and source on CIA unsanctioned exile missions such as those conducted by Alpha 66.

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