Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Top Ten Recently Released Records - Part 3


 Part 3 – 

11 -     Miscellaneous Records of the Church Committee Re: Assassinations. 157-10014-10099 Inventory of records related to assassinations reviewed by Church Committee including 57 Executive Session interviews.

22 -      International Rescue Committee (IRC) 104-10171-10151 – The IRC Leo Cherne – received three letters from Lee Harvey Oswald in USSR requesting assistance to return home. Though these records predate the assassination by a decade, and Oswald is not mentioned here, Cherne was a good friend of conservative columnist William Buckley. The IRC’s primary mission of assisting refugees carried on Reinhold Gehlen’s Project Wringer and the use of refugees escaping Nazi Germany and Communist countries for  for intelligence information

33 -  Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB) – 104-10336-10018 - request for computer search on specific individuals and organizations – including Andy Anderson, Leo Cherne, Ed Butler, Hunter Leake, Gordon Novel, Spas Raikin, John McVickar, INCA and Permindex.

44 -  ARRB Request for information on CIA dealings with Organized Crime and Cuba, 104-10336-10012. It includes excerpts from Sy Hersh’s “Darkside of Camelot” that tries to falsely implicate RFK in the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro using an intermediary CIA officer Charles Ford. In an important 9 page summary of his operational work Charles D. Ford, Chief, Training Services Staff, explains what he really did for RFK. Note: Ford, originally from Atlantic City, NJ and Princeton, served in OSS and went on WWUU mission to China with J. Walton Moore, the CIA’s Domestic Contacts Division chief in Dallas in 1963 who dealt extensively with DeMohrenschildt.

55 -  Brother of CIA Deputy Director (until Bay of Pigs) and Air Force General Charlds P. Cabell, Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell’s work for CIA from 1956. 104-10215-10213.

66 -   Document still being withheld from 13 December 1963. 104-10057-1000.  Disposition – FOIA “on this document was denied. The document consists solely of information received from a foreign liaison service….the substance involved in this document related to the transit of Lee Harvey OSWALD through a European country in 1962….This particular document also contained operations cryptonyms, information concerning the existence of an Agency station in a specific city aboard as well as….”

77 -  Outline, LHO, The CIA, and Mexioc City. Document Withdraw Notice. Still Withheld.

88 -   CIA officer Cleveland Cram’s Review of Counterintelligence Literature 1975-1992. 104-10431-10107. “1974 a watershed in literature about the CIA.”

99 -  More Disinformation on Cuban involvement in assassination of JFK. 104-10429-10065.

110-  Marina Oswald and Issac Don Levine. 104-10440-10072. Levine wrote a book on the Soviet assassination of Trotski in Mexico City, but only sees Oswald as a lone nut.

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