Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Carl E. Jenkins - Vita

Carl E. Jenkins, Consultant  Resume-December 1985

Box 2640, Falls Church, Virginia, 22042 U.S.A.


Feb-Nov 85 Consultant, DOD/ISA/Africa, designed Coastal Security Program

1984-85 Consultant (pro bono public) Central American Specialist with Undersecretary of State for Security Assistance, Science, & Technology.

1973 – Requested early retirement from CIA at conclusion of hostilities in SE Asia.

1971-73 Chief of Base, South Laos. Command responsibility for 50 U.S. & 600 local and third country national employees, annual budget @ $15 million; operational guidance, training and support for 10,000+ regular & guerrilla forces; liaison among U.S., Lao, & third country units & officials.

1969-70 Plans/Programs/Budget Officer for Laos Country Program

1966-68 Senior Advisor, Internal Security Operations & Training, Republic of Nicaragua

1965-66 Senior Advisor, Dominican Republic National Police for counterinsurgency program design & training.

1964-65 Senior Operations Advisor for a  still-sensitive Cuban project (Handwritten notation – Castro assassination program)

1961-1963 Special Warfare Advisor to I Corps Commander, Danag, SVN; Chief of Hoa Cam training cetnr; responsible for counterinsurgency program design & operational activities of 1 “B” & 11 “A” Detachments, U.S. Army Special Forces.

1960-61 Chief of Base for Cuban project, first in Florida, then in Guatemala; responsible for selection & training of cadre, assignment of officers for invasion brigade, maritime infiltration & operational management of small teams and individual agents

1958-59 Training & Operations Officer for maritime infiltration of small teams in SE Asia project involving Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines

1955-58 Far East Training Station – Instructor in paramilitary tactics & resistance organizations; Station Plans & Operations Officer; trained cadres for Thai Border Police and Chinese Nationalist Special Forces

1953-55 Inspector-Instructor of Infantry Reserve Unit, Captain USMCR

1952-53 Paramilitary, Survival, Evasion & Escape Instructor for CIA'

1950-52 USMC infantry officer, 2ndLT & 1stLt

1947-48 USMC, first member and First Sergeant of Reserve Rifle Company, commissioned 2ndLt in 1948

1944-46  USMC, Central Pacific Theater, Private to Staff Sergeant

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