Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jesse Ventura - "We CAN handle The Truth!"

                                           Jesse Ventura -  "We CAN handle the Truth!" 

I was sitting on the Grassy Knoll one anniversary (2003) when Jesse Ventura gave a little speech and then came over and sat by me, giving us the opportunity to talk. He had just returned from Cuba and was excited to talk about that at the time.

Here he calls attention to the Jack Nicholson role in USMC film, “There is a famous movie quote that most people are familiar with where, during a trail, a Marine Corps Colonel is pressed on revealing the truth to a questioning attorney, until he gets to the point here the Colonel has finally had enough and he screams: ‘You can’t handle the truth!’”

“That’s a good metaphor for the place that we’re in right now because apparently – by order of our own government – our so-called leaders don’t seem to think that the American people are actually capable of handling the truth. Isn’t it ridiculous that documents related to the JFK assassination are still sealed by order of our own government? For what reason are they still sealed?  To protect us? To protect us from whom exactly? From them, apparently. Why are we being treated like babies who can’t handle the truth? I’ve traveled this land far and wide, and I’ve come to quite a different conclusion: Americans can handle the truth.”

“This book is a perfect example of how Americans have not been trusted with the truth; it profiles case after case where we have often been intentionally misled and even clearly lied to on the most basic points of important events that changed history. The fact that we have been lied to about the JFK assassination is so obvious that it’s outrageous. The government cover-up was – and still is- so transparent that it’s ridiculous.”

“As we approach the fiftieth anniversary of the JFK assassination, it would seem well time that we, as Americans, come to terms with some very simple truths. I will offer a couple, just to get us started. Beyond the slightest doubt, John F. Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy involving many individuals. That isn’t some theory – that’s the only way it could have happened. Here’s another one. Beyond a doubt, the American government in the years following the JFK assassination has intentionally clouded the issue with intentional obfuscations of the true facts of the matter.”

“So why are we still being lied to about these cases? They seem to be missing a basic point about Democracy – they are our employees. They’re employed by us – We, the People. How dare they withhold the truth from us! Can you imagine if any employee in an office intentionally withheld pertinent information from her or his boss? With what justification? Because she or he didn’t think that their boss could handle it? That employee would rightfully be thrown out of hat office on their ear, and that’s what should happen to a lot of people in Washington too. Somehow things have been twisted backwards, and we need to get them back the way the founders of our country originally intended.”

But remember something very important hre. Our elected officials are officially servants of The People. Technically, there’re our employees, That’s the way this government was set up by its founders. I’d say that the time has now come when We, The People, need to oversee our employees quite a bit more carefully. We need to demand the truth.”

“There is one thing that is more powerful than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come. Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘The truth is far more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction.’”

“In my opinion, it should be a peaceful revolution, and one which starts and continues from a very simple and basic foundation – demanding the truth from our elected representatives.”

“Some Americans are so demoralized that they may think that the truth doesn’t even really matter anymore. I respectfully disagree. I think that we, as Americans, have an obligation to the great foundations of this Democracy, as well as a debt to those who have literally laid down their lives to protect it. As the pages of this book have revealed, we have not been told the truth. So now it’s up to us to demand it. We can start with the JFK Assassination. We want all the records released and we want them NOW. Our elected officials need to be reminded of who their real employers are. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. American can handle the truth. And frankly, it’s time that we are allowed that opportunity.”

“Commit yourself to the process of reclaiming our Democracy. We outnumber them and we have the power of truth and history on our side. We can turn this great Republic of ours back into the Democracy it was intended to be. It won’t be easy – but it can be done. And we have to do it, because no one else will.”

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