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FBI on ONI Informants

BK NOTES: This report fails to note that Patterson and Stuart are informants for the Dallas Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and they are specifically mentioned in one of the documents signed off by ONI Director Adml. Rufus Taylor. 


FILE NO.  DL 44-1639                                   DATE:  11/26/63


          ROBERT KERMIT PATTERSON, commonly known as BOB PATTERSON, appeared at the Dallas Field Division at approximately 1:00 PM on November 26, 1963. PATTERSON advised that he resides in Room 511 at the YMCA located at 605 North Ervay Street, Dallas, Texas.

          PATTERSON stated that at the present time he is unemployed and is dissolving a partnership which he formerly had with DONALD C. STUART in a business which they operated under the trade name Contract Electronics at 2533 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas.  He stated their business was the repair of televisions, radios and other small appliances.  He stated that he and STUART employed one CHARLES ARNDT, age 18, who resided at Room 516 of the YMCA, as a helper.

          About two weeks ago PATTERSON stated he returned to his place of business at approximately 3:00 PM.  On his arrival in addition to STUART and ARNDT he found JACK RUBY and a man believed by PATTERSON to be LEE HARVEY OSWALD.  He stated that he could not recall being introduced to the man with JACK RUBY but has a vague recollection that the other man was introduced as being from Chicago.

          PATTERSON estimated that RUBY and the man he believes to be OSWALD were at the Electronics Shop for approximately one hour during which time their general conversation was generally about the buying and selling of electronics equipment.  PATTERSON recalled that RUBY questioned STUART about installing some speakers in the Carousel Club where amplifiers were already present.

          Sometime during the discussion RUBY told STUART and PATTERSON that he would give them passes to his club.  RUBY pointed out that he did not give passes to everybody but that he would make them available to these two men.  RUBY then handed what he referred to as a guest book to the man who was with him and instructed that individual to put the names of STUART and PATTERSON in this notebook.  PATTERSON stated that he personally observed the man with RUBY write in his notebook.

       Date Dictated:  11/26/63  by Special Agent  JOHN J. FLANAGAN  atd


                                   DL 44-1639

          The book which RUBY referred to as a guest book was described by PATTERSON as having the appearance of a small address book or small notebook, approximately 4 x 5 inches in size.  He could not recall the color of the book nor could he recall whether it had a spiral back. PATTERSON stated he could not recall whether the man with RUBY handed the book back to RUBY or kept it himself.

          About two days after the visit of RUBY and the man PATTERSON believes to be OSWALD were at the Electronics Shop, RUBY again appeared about 5:00 PM.  On this occasion JACK RUBY was alone and brought with him a microphone and cable for repair.  PATTERSON was instructed by RUBY to have the microphone and cable ready by 9:00 PM that night.  PATTERSON stated he actually returned the microphone and cable to the Carousel at approximately 8:00 PM, and handed it over to a Negro boy employed by the Carousel Club. This individual paid PATTERSON in cash for the week and also paid PATTERSON a 50 cents parking fee which PATTERSON had incurred having parked on a nearby lot.

          PATTERSON stated he could not recall seeing anyone else at the club on this occasion other than the Negro boy and possible the Master of Ceremonies.

          PATTERSON stated that it is his belief on the basis of the photographs of LEE HARVEY OSWALD which he has observed in various newspapers that OSWALD was in fact the individual present in the Electronics Shop with JACK RUBY on the occasion described above.

          PATTERSON stated he has discussed this matter with his partner DONALD C. STUART and employee CHARLES ARNDT and he stated they are likewise of the opinion that LEE HARVEY OSWALD was the individual with JACK RUBY on the occasion described above.  According to PATTERSON the man with RUBY in his shop on the occasion set out above was described as follows:

                         Race           White
                         Sex            Male
                         Age            20's
                         Nationality    American
                         Height         5'8 - 5'9
                         Build          Not too heavy, not too thin


                                   DL 44-1639

          He was believed to have a tattoo on the left forearm; was wearing blue jeans (very tight fitting) and possibly a white shirt.  He was not wearing a hat nor was he wearing a jacket.

          The following group of photographs were made available to ROBERT PATTERSON for examination:

          BILLY RAY GRIMES, DPD #29069, Photo dated 10/11/49
          JAMES HENRY DOLAN, DPD #109263, Photo dated 2/9/61
          JOE SOFIE GEBRON, DPD #25526, Photo dated 2/27/62
          CECIL BERNARD SIMMONS, DPD #29032, Photo dated 10/3/49
          RUSSELL DOUGLAS MATTHEWS, DPD #28253, Photo dated 1/9/59
          LEE HARVEY OSWALD, N.O. #112723, Photo dated 8/9/63

          After viewing these photographs PATTERSON selected the photograph of LEE HARVEY OSWALD, New Orleans No. 112723 and stated he believed that this photograph depicted the individual who was present in the Contract Electronics Shop with JACK RUBY on the occasion set out above.


                                   DL 44-1639

          PATTERSON stated that at the present time he is a student at the Metropolitan Technical Institution, 402 North Good-Latimer, Dallas, Texas. He stated he was born on January 24, 1930 at Lincoln, Nebraska, and had the rating of RD-3 while in the US Navy.  His US Navy Serial No. is 4278665.

          The name of DONALD C. STUART's wife is NANCY and they reside on Pleasant Street turning left off Second Street while driving away from the downtown area of Dallas, Texas.  Their residence is in the first group of apartments on the left hand side of Pleasant Street.  He stated the number might possibly be 1314 Pleasant.  According to PATTERSON, DONALD C. STUART is a full time employee of Radio Station KLIF, Dallas, Texas.  He is employed as a broadcast engineer and is on duty at the station several nights a week.

          PATTERSON stated that it is his understanding that DONALD C. STUART has reported this matter to the Dallas Police Department.

          This interview was terminated at approximately 1:50 PM.

                                  [END QUOTE]

My copy of the Warren Report, St. Martin's Press (1992) edition mentions Patterson on page 360 located in the "RUBY AND OSWALD WERE NOT ACQUAINTED" section of "POSSIBLE CONSPIRACY INVOLVING JACK RUBY" chapter.  They write that Patterson was mistaken and that the man with Ruby was someone named Larry Crafard.

According to the HSCA, "Crafard fled Dallas unexpectedly on Saturday morning November 23. Although we tend to believe his explanation, we believe a background check on him plus verification of some of his activities on November 23 are warranted."

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