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Robert C. Buick

Three-part revelation on the Kennedy assassinations–Tiger in the Rain, Food for the Jackals, and Reflection: Behind the Rain.

How the Journey Began
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In the Spring of 1963, I was a rising star in the Taurine World of bullfighting and the most successful American Bullfighter of my time residing in Mexico City, when I was approached one late evening by two U.S. Government agents and asked to do a surveillance project at a small hotel where I had frequented in the past and was well known by the staff and the patrons. Subsequently, I met with Lee Harvey Oswald who (subtly) told me on September 28, 1963 of a plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Two months later, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Oswald was not the “Lone Nut” case that everyone perceived him to be. He was intelligent, articulate, well read, experienced and most calculating. The assassination plotters set him up as the patsy. Roselli told me they “could not have cloned a better patsy,” but Oswald was smart and got away after he sensed what was about to come down on him, for they had intentions of taking him out after the assassination, because he knew too much, and the rest is in the history books when Jack Ruby took him out in that basement police garage that Sunday morning.
Food for the Jackals by Robert Clayton Buick
Food for the Jackals by Robert Clayton Buick

As the facts prevailed throughout the years, Oswald never fired a shot at the Presidential motorcade, nor did he shoot or kill the Dallas policemen J.D. Tippit. There were three shooters in Dealey Plaza that day, and five shots were fired at the President. The shot that fatally wound the President was to his right temple (never revealed in the autopsy report or the Warren Commission report) that was fired by the grassy knoll shooter Jimmy Sutton, whom I communicate with at monthly intervals. He is doing 30 years in the Stateville Correction Center at Joliet, Illinois.

Johnny Roselli who was also involved in the Kennedy assassination, told me in the Spring of 1971 what had taken place in Dallas that day, 23 years prior to Sutton’s confession in 1994. Their stories were identical with only minor discrepancies. Roselli was to be the back-up shooter for the mob hit man Chuck Nicoletti, but he backed out the morning of the assassination and Jimmy Sutton had taken his place as the back-up shooter.
The shooter in the sniper’s nest in the Book Depository Building was LBJ’s man Mac Wallace who left his fingerprints on the carton boxes that hid the rifle from public view. Oswald was in the second floor lunchroom of the Book Depository Building when the shots rang out in Dealey Plaza that day. This is substantiated by unbiased witness testimony and fact.

After years of having personal knowledge, involvement and extensive research, I have become the foremost expert about what really happened that day in Dallas, Texas. There are many reasons and many entities that wanted President Kennedy taken out that is covered in the contents of my work “Taking out the Garbage.”

My intent is to clarify the truth of what really came down in Dealey Plaza that day. The truth has been hidden for too long.

Robert Clayton Buick

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