Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oswald an important security "Espionage Case"

In an April 6, 1964 FBI memorandum regarding Special Agent Donald E. Moore, it is noted: “…he (Agent Moore) was censured on one occasion, that being on 12-13-63, when he was censured when it was detected that he shared in the over-all responsibility for the derelictions in connection with an official inquiry which had been made with respect to the investigation and supervision of an extremely important security case involving Lee Harvey Oswald. It was ascertained that there were shortcomings in the supervision of the matter in the Espionage-Research branch of the Domestic Intelligence Division. It was found that this investigation was not pursued with adequate intensity and thoroughness, a very important interview was improperly delayed and good judgment was not exercised in connection with the failure to include the name of the subject of this case on the Security index.” 

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