Saturday, January 19, 2019

Point 9 of Ten Points of Agreement

9.       The CIA continues to obstruct evidence about the JFK assassination, routinely blocking legitimate Freedom of Information requests and defying the JFK Records Collection Act of 1992, preventing the release of thousands of government documents as required by the law.

It isn't just the CIA, but the ONI has kept the ONI Defector File out of the loop - illegally, the Secret Service destroyed significant records AFTER the JFK Act was passed, and the NARA refuses to publish a guide and index to the JFK Collection - as it is required by the law, and Trump himself has cowtowed to the CIA and these other agencies in withholding records years after the mandated date of the act. 

And most significantly, Congress has refused to exercise its oversight responsibility and has not held a public hearing on the JFK Act in over twenty years. 

That will end this year. 

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