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Al Cox CAT

Al Cox


September 28, 1949 – $75 million approved for “general area” of China. At the same time Al Cox is sent by CIA to run covert operations in China. His cover is Special Assistant to the President, Chennault.

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Jun 2, 2002 – Al Cox, an Infantry officer, was a .... Major Alfred T. Cox, commander of the “French” OGs, was an Infantry ..... CIA after World War II, ever con-

See: The OSS Operational Groups: Origin of Army Special Forces (p2) by Ian Sutherland

“Al Cox, an Infantry offier, was a strong and agile athlete who had played three major sports while studying civil engineering at Lehigh University….The OSS had recruited Cox when he was an instructor of guerrilla warfare at Fort Benning, Ga. With the assistance of men like 1st Lieutenant Art Frizzel , Cox led the French OGs throught he demanding training in preparation for the day when the tactics and techniques would be put to use against the Wehrmacht.”  (photo of Cox on p. 4)

Civil Air Transport: A Proprietary Airline - Volume 1: The History of Civil Air Transport 1946 - 1955

Civil Air Transport: A Proprietary Airline - Volume 1: The History of Civil Air Transport 1946 - 1955
Cox, Al;
United States. Central Intelligence Agency
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Report (grant or annual)
Civil Air Transport (CAT)
Chennault, Claire Lee, 1893-1958.
Cox, Al
Willauer, Whiting
United States. Central Intelligence Agency
China; Hong Kong; Taiwan; Washington, D.C.
Volume one of a four volume history of Civil Air Transport compiled for the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Clandestine Services Histories program by Al Cox.
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CIA Clandestine Services Histories
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