Friday, March 8, 2013

Index to JFKCC Blog Entries on AF1 Radio Tapes

Index to JFKCountercoup Blog entries on AIR FORCE ONE Tapes

LBJ Library Tape – Listen Now

Clifton Tape

LBJ Transcript

Clifton Transcript

Combined Transcript

Vince Salandria’s The Tale of the Tapes

Swearing In Aboard AF1

WHCA Radiomen After Action Reports

WH Situation Room

Col. Carl G. Hornbuckle

Maj. Harold Patterson (“Stranger”)

Oliver Hallet USN

AF1 Radio Transmission Codes

AF1 Chronology

Zulu GMT

General Clifton

AP News Report on Clifton Tape
Boston Globe Report

Notes Re: Combined AF1 Tapes

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