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More Missing Church Depositions?

Missing Church Committee Depositions

This document lists Church Committee depositions which are referenced in the following two Committee reports, but are not in the 53 boxes of currently-released Committee records:

Interim Report (Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders)

Schweiker-Hart Report (Book V: The Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. KennedyL Performance of the Intelligence Agencies)

Where page numbers of references are given, this is for the first such reference. In many cases, the deposition in question is cited more than once.

Interim Report

Depositions related to Patrice Lumumba assassination plots:

“Joseph Scheider” (alias for Sidney Gottlieb, CIA Special Assistant to DDP for Scientific Matters), 10/7/75 (p. 21)

“Joseph Scheider,” 10/9/75 (p. 21)

Michael Mulroney (senior CIA officer in Directorate of Plans), 6/9/75 (p. 38)

Michael Mulroney, 9/9/75 (p. 38) – Note: this is possibly a typo and refers to 6/9/75

Michael Mulroney, 9/11/75 (p. 38)

Douglas Dillon (Undersecretary of State), 9/2/75 (p. 53)

Depositions related to Fidel Castro assassination plots:

Case Officer, 8/4/75 (p. 73)

Duty Officer, 8/11/75 (p. 73)

Case Officer 1, 8/11/75 (p. 86) – Note: even though the Interim Report refers to a “Case Officer 1”  on 8/11/75 and a “Case Officer 2” on 8/11/75, and even though the released records have case officer depositions on each of these days, the released 8/11/75 (Weatherby, FNU) is NOT Case Officer 1.  It is a brief  reappearance of Case Officer 2, and Case Officer 1’s deposition is not present in the released files.

(Desmond Fitzgerald’s) “Assistant,” 9/18/75 (p. 88)

Sheffield Edwards (Director of the CIA Officer of Security), Rockefeller Commission testimony, 4/9/75 (p. 96)

George McManus (Helms’ Special Assistant for Cuba), 7/22/75 (p. 101)

McGeorge Bundy (White House advisor), 7/11/75 (p. 119)

“Official” (in CIA Western Hemisphere Division), 9/18/75 (p. 150)

John McCone (CIA Director), 6/6/75 (p. 164)

Depositions related to Rafael Trujillo assassination plots:

Henry Dearborn (Dominican Republic Deputy-Chief-of-Mission), 7/29/75 (p. 199)

Didier (CIA Station Officer), 7/8/75 (p. 199)

Depositions related to Ngo Dinh Diem assassination plots:

William Colby (CIA Director), 6/20/75 (p. 221).  Note: This deposition is referenced in Howard Jones’ Death of a Generation (Oxford University Press, 2003).  See Chapter 16 footnotes 25, 26, and 29.

Depositions related to Rene Schneider assassination plots:

Richard Helms (CIA Director), 7/15/75 (p. 228)

Henry Kissinger (Secretary of State), 8/12/75 (p. 228)

William Colby (CIA Director), 7/14/75 (p. 229)

Thomas Karamessines (CIA Deputy Director for Plans), 8/6/75 (p. 232)

Chief, Chili Task Force, 7/31/75 (p. 233)

William Broe (CIA Division Chief), 8/4/75 (p. 235)

Philpott (DIA Deputy Director), 8/5/75 (p. 236)

Robert Roth (Army Colonel), 8/14/75 (p. 236)

Robert Roth, 10/7/75 (p. 236)

Donald Bennett (DIA Director), 8/5/75 (p. 237)

Daniel Graham (DIA Director), 8/5/75 (p. 237)

Chile Chief of Station (“Felix”), 8/1/75 (p. 239)

U.S. Military Attache, 8/4/75 (p. 240)

Sarno (CIA agent), 7/29/75 (p. 244)

Alexander Haig, 8/15/75 (p. 247)

Depositons related to other matters:

Gordon, 9/16/75 (p. 333) – CIA employee who testified about a written order to destroy toxin

Schweiker-Hart Report

Chief, JM/WAVE CIA Station, 5/16/75 (p. 11)

Chief, JMWAVE, 5/6/76 (p. 14) – Note: this is possibly a typo and refers to 5/16/75

Intelligence Officer, 5/10/64 [sic] (p. 13)

Thomas Karamessines (Deputy to CIA’s Helms), 4/18/76 (p. 25)

Supervisor, 4/27/76 (p. 35) – Note: p. 35 refers to Supervisor I and Supervisor II both testifying on 4/27/76. The released records include on Supervisor transcript, unidentified as to whether it is Supervisor I or Supervisor II. The other, whichever it is, is not in the rel

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