Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Free the FIles Petition Comments

Reasons for signing

William Davy LEESBURG, VA
 An honest and open government should have nothing to hide from its people, especially concerning the 50-year death of its Chief Executive.

Adele Edisen SAN ANTONIO, TX
Some important documents from 1963 should contain my name or the information I gave to the US Secret Service and FBI on Sunday, November 24,1963, which I have never received despite repeated FOIA requests.. -A. E. U. Edisen

Lee Harvey Oswald's family and friends deserve to know the truth... it will set them free!!

 50 years is enough. Who are you protecting?

 Come clean, end the secrecy.

alfred luna ALEXANDRIA, VA
 Release the files - let us see the what has been hidden all this time.

Dawn Meredith AUSTIN, TX
 Because the truth is our right.

Robert Morrow AUSTIN, TX
It is LONG PAST TIME to release all materials relating to the JFK assassination. I understand that the fact that Lyndon Johnson and US military intelligence slaughtered JFK makes it "sensitive" because that is no reason to keep the truth and details from coming out!

Beverly Armstrong PEMBROKE, NC
I want to know the truth, I am tired of lies, and cover ups. I know Bush senior ordered it and Fort Bragg carried it out. I want to hear it, I want everyone to hear it! The Rothschild ordered his death, Bush was over the CIA and had it carried out! It's time to end this!

robert erick YONKERS, NY
a Great Leader needs 2 receive justice

 To give justice both to JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. To unmask the real killer(s),& their mastermind. Could be CIA, Rothschild or any secret organizations whom JFK displeased. It's definitely not the communist.

The public needs to have access to all data on this assassination of the last elected official who wasn't a puppet. If the government doesn't have anything to hide, release all of it.

The white wash is wearing off, enough is enough. Fess up and tell the truth to the people you should.

David Jeremiah MASS, AL
JFK spoke out against Secret Societies and I suspect a Secret Society was behind the assassination.

Skylar Seals SPOKANE, WA
because the government killed JFK

Susan Jacobson ROCKVILLE, MD
If what the government has told us about the JFK assassination is true, this should relieve the doubts and if there is more to the story (which is likely) then it is time we know the truth.

Oswald was denied counsel in custody, denied being arraigned in open court per Texas law, denied proper protection in custody, and denied any meaningful representation post-mortem by the Warren Commission who failed to cross-examine any witness whose story had changed since giving their original police statements, or who had made contrary statements to the media. We also know now that a CIA agent was present during Oswald's alleged attempt to defect see:

After almost 50 years of secrecy, there is no longer any legitimate reason for restricting
access to JFK assassination records.

Greg Burnham SAN DIEGO, CA
LBJ said that the Warren Commission was formed to "report the truth" about the assassination to the American People. That did not happen. It's high time it did.
For more than 15 years I have been lecturing on the subject of the Cold War and the Kennedy Administration for colleges, radio shows and other public venues--including the History Channel (The Men Who Killed Kennedy) and The Discovery Channel, among others--in the hope of shedding light on this rather obscure chapter in American History. It was a time defined by an insidious form of secrecy unprecedented heretofore in America; a secrecy that persists to this day.

In 1992 Congress passed the JFK Act, a law that required ALL government agencies to release any and all JFK Assassination documents to the public. This law necessitated that government agencies declassify any and all "sensitive" documents related to the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and make them available to the American people. It has been 20 years since that law was passed, yet thousands of documents remain unavailable. This needs to change.

The Petition

Background: my father worked in the White House for both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower. I attended JFK's funeral in 1963. This personal history has contributed to my interest in the subject.

That JFK assassination documents have yet to be released speaks volumes to the fact that our government is withholding information illegally (as per the JFK Act) from the American People. Why? If there is nothing to hide, release the files. It has been nearly 50 years! If there is something to hide...release them anyway. The "secret" will be out. So what? The spirit of the constitution will be honored and the law (JFK Act) will be obeyed.

It is wholly unacceptable for the US government to violate the constitution and to ignore a law (JFK Act) that was passed by congress 20 years ago in 1992!
What is the fear? We are adults. We can handle the truth. The government's role isn't to hide history from the American People. That does not promote liberty. It promotes totalitarianism and abuse.

It isn't the American People who can't handle knowing the truth. It is the government that can't handle the American People knowing the truth. Get real. Be American. Have some guts. Release the files!

Steve Larson READING, PA
The truth must be made public concerning the assassination. Our government must not keep this information from the public.

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