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Stanley G. Williams SAT

Stanley G. Williams

The C.I.A.'s connection with Southern Air, too, goes back for years. The C.I.A. bought Southern Air outright in 1960, paying $307,000 as part of an effort to beef up its air transport capacity. In 1973, the C.I.A. sold its airline to Stanley G. Williams, who ran the company for the agency, for $5.1 million - rejecting an unidentified buyer's offer of $2 million more. The sale was financed by what was described in one affidavit as an ''unconventional loan'' from the First National Bank of Chicago, guaranteed by the C.I.A. In 1979 Mr. Williams sold it to the present sole owner, James H. Bastian, who was the carrier's lawyer during the C.I.A. years.

``In several cases, transfer of the entity was conditioned as an agreement that the proprietary would continue to provide goods or services to the CIA,'' the report continues. In 1973, Southern was purchased by Stanley Williams, who had run the company for the CIA for 11 years. Lawrence Houston, who was General Counsel of the CIA at the time of the sale, said that as far as he knew there was no continuing relationship between the CIA and Southern. William Kress, a spokesman for Southern, insisted that Southern has ``no contracts with the CIA, nor have we since they owned the airline prior to 1973.''

FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Trechery By Rodney Stich p. 457 “…The CIA placed present and former intelligence people on the board of directors and in management. There was an Executive Committee for Air Proprietary Operations established by the DCI on February 5, 1963, to oversee parts of the covert operations. In 1973, CIA director Colby ordered Southern Air Transport liquidated, and it was sold to Stanley G. Williams, who was once a manager for SAT. Although its ownership changed, the same work for the CIA continued. In 1978, SAT did work for the Iranian Air Force. With the fall of the Shah of Iran and mounting loses, Williams sold SAT to James H. Bastian, a lawyer who had been SAT’s legal counsel during its CIA years….”

Congressional Report, p. 907 Williams got money to buy SAT from First National Bank of Chicago

In 1971 Denies SAT CIA to Jack Anderson:

“The front men for the CIA’s corportations have been eminent business people with wide connections such as E. Perkins McGuire, Percival F. Brundage, and Stanley G. Williams. These three, according to a 1973 Senate Subcommitee report on corporate ownership, were heavily involved with the CIA’s acquisition of Southern Air Transport. Thomas D. Cabot, once head of a United Fruit Corporation, was the top executive of Gibraltar Steamship Company which operated Radio Swan, whose activities incldued broadcasting CIA propaganda to Cuba in much the same way as Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty have done in Europe. What the CIA does with its corporate profits and with its money from Uncle Sam has been under investigation by the U.S. Congress… - v=onepage&q=Stanley%20Williams%20CIA&f=false

Not to be confused with The Crip Machine’s Stanley “Tookie” Williams – Or is it the same guy?

The Crip Machine

Stanley Tookie Williams: “….This was further Promulgated in the 70's and 8O's by infesting the poverty stricken neighborhoods with Crack, Arms, and organizational ideas of Radicals that would further destroy the Panther Movement. They effectively did this by helping create the "Crip Machine".... Now the Crip Machine first started out by some individuals named: Stanley Tookie Williams, And Raymond Washington….” 

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